About us

Ramidus AB is an independent chemical research company located at the Ideon Science and Technology Park in Lund, Sweden.

We have served fellow scientists in the field of chemical science for twenty five years through:

  • synthesis of noncommercial organic fine chemicals
  • preparation of drugs, intermediates and metabolites for pharmacy and pharmacology
  • synthesis of catalysts, polymers, crown ethers, dendrimers and compounds related to natural products
  • organic electrochemistry and electrochemical synthesis

We can also offer:

  • assistance and support for new ideas and developments in chemistry
  • evaluation of chemical concepts
  • process design, optimization and development
  • literature research and evaluation
  • chemical analysis
  • chemicals from our surplus stock

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquires or for preliminary discussions.

Custom Synthesis

Thanks to the diversity of the demands of our customers, Ramidus has gained very broad experience in synthesizing organic (and some inorganic) substances and polymers.

For the pharmaceutical industry we synthesize intermediates, metabolites, reagents, building blocks, reference substances and screeening substances. We have also made some non-naturally occurring amino acids and compounds isosteric to naturally occuring amino acids as well as peptides of them.

For the polymer industry we synthesize unconventional monomers for copolymerization, in addition to ligands and catalysts for stereospecific polymerization. Ramidus has also made special polymers such as superabsorbents, dendrimers and star polymers.

For medical diagnostics we make reagents and antigens and link them to particular substrates. Specially designed dyes can be made to achieve colour changes of a suitable wavelength as a consequence of a specific event.

We have also the capability to scale up the chemistry to several hundred kg.

In all our activities we emphasize speed and reliability. Most project assignments are launched within a fortnight and we place importance on meeting schedules and keeping the customer informed about the progress of the project.

Ramidus AB

  • synthesizes compounds unavailable elsewhere on a laboratory scale
  • synthesizes compounds to your specifications
  • can supply you with small quantities of specifically designed chemicals on a regular basis
  • has broad experience and knowledge in organic and general chemistry
  • follows good laboratory practice
  • initiates syntheses within two weeks of order.

Contract Research

Ramidus undertakes development projects on a contract research basis.
The common denominator of these projects is the use of one or several chemicals
or polymers to solve a particular problem.

We have designed and synthesized:

  • dendrimers
  • drug candidates
  • specific reagents
  • polymerization catalysts
  • bio-absorbable polymers
  • new superabsorbents
  • photocurable polymers

In many cases, the synthesized substances have been designed to incorporate some predefined
properties considered crucial for performing the task at hand. The translation of these
properties into a chemical structure often calls for considerable knowledge in other
scientific disciplines. In addition, the task usually includes developing a manufacturing
process for the target substance. In some cases improving an existing process for the
manufacture of speciality and fine chemicals has been the main target of the project.

The nature of our business has continuously expanded our network of contacts with specialists
in areas related to our assignments. Problems we have tackled have led us into areas as different
as surface chemistry, the relation between the structure and the properties of dyes and liquid
crystals, non-linear optical materials, bioabsorption and biodegradability of polymers in relation
to mechanical properties and photopolymerization.